Recently Completed Postgraduate Projects

Professional Inquiries (2016)

Frances Gasson

"In my hands I can tell my words properly": This inquiry investigates the use of sign language to facilitate mathematical talk and reveal mathematical thinking within communities of mathematical inquiry.

Mary-Anne Judd

A whānau perspective: This inquiry uses a Kaupapa Maori research approach to investigate how whanau and teachers can engage productively together to support mathematical learning for under-achieving learners.

Jo Knox

Am I "good" at maths? This study examines what factors serve to shape students’ perceptions of what being “good” at mathematics means and how these factors may contribute towards students’ self-efficacies and mindsets in mathematics.

Master Thesis (2016)

Kat Freeman

Enacting Challenging Tasks: Maximising Opportunities for Students’ Mathematical Learning: This study worked with three year 7 and 8 teachers to explore pedagogical approaches that would maximise opportunities for students to engage with and learn from challenging mathematics tasks. The learning opportunities afforded by the task enactment and the role of teacher planning, and the extent to which the mathematical ideas inherent in tasks were explicitly addressed. Through case studies across three tasks, the study highlighted the importance of teacher planning, noticing and monitoring of mathematical activity, and sequencing of student presentation in ways that supported the development of a generalised solution.

Doctoral Thesis (2016)

Margaret Crawford

Acceleration and Gifted Girls: The research investigates acceleration as an intervention in secondary education within girls’ schools in New Zealand. It explains the extent that mathematics is used as an accelerated subject and for whom it is used. A national survey of girls’ schools which offer secondary education provided information on schools’ provisions for gifted girls, and case studies of three schools which offer acceleration as an intervention were designed to reveal the perceptions and experiences of teachers, students, and parents/caregivers.