• Unpacking maths anxiety in Kiwi teens
    Author: Lee Mann (Master of Education, 2017) Lee Mann reports on her Master of Education research into mathematics anxiety in New Zealand teenagers. Her findings highlight the importance of teacher quality, assessment practices, social factors, and school transitions as contributing to student mathematics anxiety.
  • How should we group students in primary maths classrooms?
    Author: Professor Glenda Anthony, Professor Roberta Hunter, and Dr Jodie Hunter Grouping students in maths classrooms based on their ability or prior attainment is a notion that is increasingly being challenged by research. When we have engaged in so-called ‘ability grouping’ practices for so long, why should we think about changing? And what would the change involve?
  • What do culturally diverse students value for their mathematics learning?
    Author: Julia Hill (Master of Educational Psychology, 2017) It is now recognised that mathematics education is value-laden – so it is important for teachers to understand the values that their students hold. This blog post summarises a Master of Education study exploring the values that Māori, Pāsifika, European and Asian students in New Zealand middle schools held in relation to their mathematics learning.