The Centre for Research in Mathematics Education (CeRME) is fully committed to improving the quality of mathematics education through student research.

Our programmes of study and research are designed to deepen understanding of developments in policy, curriculum and pedagogies from the perspectives of theory and practice. Study will support educators and researchers, across all education sectors, who are committed to improving learners’ and educators’ mathematical learning experiences.

Undergraduate Study

Opportunities for undergraduate study in mathematics education are available at bachelor’s level.

Undergraduate Papers

We offer these specialist undergraduate mathematics education papers:

254162 Introduction to Literacy and Numeracy (S2 2017)

160320 Mathematics in Education (S2 2017)

Postgraduate Study

Opportunities for postgraduate study in mathematics education are available at certificate, diploma, master’s or doctoral levels.

Current Postgraduate Research Students

CeRME aims to support and encourage a strong and collaborative community amongst our postgraduate students. Part of this involves bringing our postgraduate students together for shared learning experiences, via web-based communities and through research symposiums. Symposiums in particular, provide opportunities to interact with leading national and international researchers and share your own research in a supportive learning environment.

Postgraduate students can be involved in personal or collaborate research projects through the Professional Inquiry paper (267.860 & 276.870), or master or doctoral thesis work. Below is a list of current postgraduate research projects:

Postgraduate programmes

The following programmes of study are available:

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Master of Education

Within the master’s programme, students select one of two research pathways: professional inquiry or thesis.

Postgraduate papers

We offer these specialist postgraduate mathematics education papers:

276.700 Developing Mathematics Inquiry Communities

276782 Mathematics Education

276784 Current Issues in Mathematics Education

276785 Making Mathematics Accessible

Doctoral study

Find out about the Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD).

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to select research projects that align with the centre’s research agenda. Current postgraduate projects include:

Home-school partnerships


Teacher efficacy

Fear of mathematics

Developing algebraic reasoning

Authentic problem solving in the classroom

In addition to alignment with funded projects, we welcome inquiries into joint staff/postgraduate student research projects.